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June 30, 2012


~ Noun ~ Synonym / affection, cup of a tea, likeness, liking and inclination ~ Natural attraction or sympathy for someone or something E: We are born for certain people, some people are not born to be with us. Every now and then is difficult to hang on with them in the room. If we are snapping […]

Idiom for today “Cut in”

June 29, 2012


~ Cut in ~ Interrupt someone You know, you are having conversation with someone, who is, well, talkative in the negative point of view. She or he is utterly convinced to have more interesting life and opinions than you have. E: Damn you! Don’t cut in while I’m talking. + Cut in is not used with […]

How to say “Sad” in different ways

June 28, 2012


I feel blue I feel so down I feel very bad I’m not all right I feel depressed I’m out of sorts today I feel pathetic I don’t feel well I’m down to the dumps I hate my life I feel gloomy I’m under a cloud I have the blues I’m worried sick about everything I […]


June 28, 2012


History of the word “nerd” might be dated to beginning of the 50s. Word “nerd” appeared in children’s book If I Ran the Zoo by Theodor Seuss Geisel (a popular American writer and cartoonist). The word indicated a quite different meaning as we know today and it was used as a synonym for someone who was a “drip” or a “square”. Other known theory […]

1# Word of the day ~ Unintelligible

June 27, 2012


Unintelligible  ~adjective ~synonyms / obscure impossible to understand E: A lot of the jargon people use seems unintelligible to non-native speakers, but there is always the way to find out! Unintelligible in a book. May Day / F.S.Fitzgerald They studied the bill of fare helplessly, telling over the items to each other in puzzled mumbles. ,, […]

Hello words!

June 26, 2012


Hello there! I created this blog to help you discover and learn nice words or phrases for everyday usage.  Hope you’ll have fun. PS: of course, we’ll be talking about books too, because books are homes for words.