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“Butter someone up”

July 31, 2012


~butter someone up to be nice to someone because you need a favor from him. E: Since I’ve become famous and started earning a hell of a money, people buttering me up all the time. E: I thought he was genuinely interested in me, but he just buttered me up to sell a gym membership.

Between or Among?

July 29, 2012


Have you ever had trouble deciding between among and between? Or among them? Between was related to the number two in old English. It naturally follows that we should use between describing position of two objects or things. E: You are standing between me and him. E: What is the difference between Pretty woman and Cinderella? […]


July 28, 2012


~Vital or crucial importance ~Synonym/fundamental, principal ~Adjective E: The invention of television and fast-food was a pivotal step of transforming human society. E: A pivotal moment of my life was finding a job. I don’t have to sleep outside anymore.

“Beat around the bush”

July 27, 2012


~ Not knowing how to get to the main point or inability to put something into right words or sentence. X: Hi, what are you up to tonight? Y: I don’t know yet, why are you asking? X: Eh, I’m just wondering, you look nice today and busy too. Y: Come on, don’t beat around the bush. You want me to go on a date […]

The oddest titles

July 26, 2012


If you are not a popular writer in size of J.K Rowling or Ernest Hemmingway, your book might be awarded for a different quality. For instance, being the oddest. The British book-trade magazine Bookseller has for more than 20 years run the competition to find the oddest book title of the year. Here are some titles […]

The last words before being fired – Jobs Idioms

July 25, 2012


What can you hear at work before getting fired? Here are some idioms saying they don’t want you to work anymore. Be well prepared! To get sacked E: Everyone gets sacked one day, it’s just a matter of time. To get the boot E: Where have you been all day? I think you got the boot […]


July 23, 2012


~ Something or someone who is original and strange in the positive way of view. It can be taken as a compliment. ~Synonym/interesting, unusual, cool, distinctive, unconventional ~Adjective, informal E: She isn’t an actress or a model. In fact, she has no talent at all, but she is well  known for her quirky style. E: Do you think […]

May or Might?

July 22, 2012


May and might have almost the same meaning. To distinguish these two words is rather tricky.  It doesn’t mean you can’t try! In the first example, may refers to a permission and it’s practically identical to verb can. Can is used for less formal situation. (E: Mommy, can I drink Coke?) E: Sir, may I open the window? I can’t breath […]

Differences between Yea,Yeah and Yay

July 21, 2012


~ Yea old-fashioned way to saying yes, the opposite of nay ~Yeah is informal and sloppy version of yes ~Yay (!) is interjection of hooray. Yay is often pair off with exclamation mark, the opposite of boo. 1) My mighty ax is sharp, yea, ten bear heads will it remove! 2) Wanna another cake? yeah, I’d love to, your cakes […]


July 20, 2012


~ Very nearly >> Almost must come before the word or phrase it modifies. R: There was almost nothing before the Big Bang. W: There almost was nothing before the Big Bang.

“Sure of one’s ground”

July 19, 2012


~ Firmly believe to be right or know something E: He is sure of his ground that it’s his birthday today. For some reason, everyone thinks it’s tomorrow. E: If you are sure of your ground that all women like you, why are you still single at your 40?


July 14, 2012


~ change something slightly ~ Synonym/ adapt, modify ~ Verb E: Did you notice how I readjusted our apartment? Sorry, I didn’t. You are absolutely blind darlin’. Look at these new candles and cup pads! E: Where is she? I don’t know. Last time I saw her, she said, she was going to lady’s room to readjust […]

“The last straw”

July 13, 2012


~ If you have problems and think it could not be worse, there is always the last straw. (The final problem in many of problems.) E: My life was getting worse every day. I got divorced, my cat left me as well, it died. And the last straw of it was my hair loss. E: This is the […]

“Jack of all trades”

July 10, 2012


~ All-rounded person, capable of doing different kinds of activities. Good at everything, master of none. E: At night he is a taxi-driver. During the day he paints auto-portraits and not that long ago, he started writing a novel about a lonely taxi-driver who loves his job, but It does’t make him happy. Anyway, he seems like a jack of […]

Idioms in color

July 9, 2012


Tickle someone pink – To be entertained or pleased E: Tom and Jennifer had a great wedding last year, not to mention that Jennifer’s make-up tickled us pink. A pink slip – A letter you receive when you get fired E: My KFC manager threatened to give me a pink slip if i didn’t work faster, so I worked as fast as I could. Pink collar jobs – Jobs […]


July 8, 2012


~National Aeronautics and Space Administration ~Synonym/? ~Abbr. E: NASA scientists did not appreciate Emmerich’s new film 2012. They claimed  the film made them depressed.


July 7, 2012


~ Inclination or a habit of behaving ~ Synonym/tendency, proneness ~ Noun E: His propensity to speak truth every time at any cost, seems a real drawback of becoming an actor. E: She has a propensity to buy pink stuff and leopard prints, her apartment is a stage set of the hell.

“Crack (someone) Up”

July 6, 2012


~ Make someone laugh out loud (LOL), in other words crack someone’s poker face with humorous impuls. E: The Big Bang Theory is the best TV show out there, Sheldon cracks me up all the time, even while he is eating. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I can’t sleep. E: I’m a happy person in the cruel […]

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – H.M

July 5, 2012


Admittedly, I am not a fan of thick books. In my opinion, all books should be around 280 pages, but regarding the Haruki Murakami I have simply been ignoring that. About two months ago I got my hands on Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – which is his fifth book published in […]


July 4, 2012


~ A problem or disadvantage of something, someone ~ Synonym/ an imperfection, dark side ~ Noun E: This studio-flat is really nice, I like the high walls, location is perfect, floors are light-colored. Missing windows is the only drawback of it. E: The major drawbacks of being a cleaner is that you are considered to […]


July 3, 2012


~ Someone you don’t want to meet (messy looking and unattractive person) ~ Synonym/beast, ugly duck ~ Noun, slang E:  Don’t get me wrong, but your new boyfriend looks like a minger, are you sure he has somewhere to put his head?

“All the rage”

July 3, 2012


~ Something what is very popular and fashionable at the moment. X: Putting together sandals and socks are faux pas! Y: Don’t think so, they are all the rage this season. I’ve seen them in the latest Luis Vuitton Men’s collection. X: Well, you are right, in fact, I rather like it.  

“Moon over”

July 1, 2012


~ Dreamers staying up thinking about something or someone ~Adjective/ moony/ dreamy in the naive way ~Noun/ mooniness E: Freddy, the old prisoner was mooning night long over freedom, fresh air and going to work. E: Stop mooning over and go to school, you gonna be late! And don’t forget to dress up.