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August 29, 2012


~ Showing your positive energy or interest in very enthusiastic way ~ Synonym/passionate, keen, ardent and (could be fanatical) eager ~ Adjective E: Joseph did his best in the interview. He was extremely willing to work hard and non-stop, at last he did not get the job. He scared the hell of everyone with his zealous personality and appearance. […]

Have the hots for someone

August 27, 2012


~ Be very attracted to someone, in a sexual way. ~ Informal E: Eve and Steve has the hots for each other in the high school. It was love at the first sight. E: I’ve got the hots for my teacher, when I grow up, I’m gonna marry her!

WOW! (interjections and phrases of surprise)

August 26, 2012


How do people react when they find out something unexpected or amazing? Jesus Christ! Jesus H. Christ! Jeez or geez! Gee whiz! OMG! Ooh! Aaah! Hmm Whoa! What? Oh, dear Oh my gosh! Golly! Holy mackerel! Dear God in heaven! Oh, my Lord! Great Scott! For Pete’s sake! For goodness’ sake! Holy smokes! Holy moley! Holy cow! […]

Salary/wage/income and pocket money

August 22, 2012


Are you employed? Do you get a salary or a wage? Salary / a fixed payment for your hard work, usually paid per month. Wage / a more irregular payment, paid for hours worked on a daily or weekly basis. Income / regularly received money through financial investments, business or entrepreneurship. Pocket money / usually paid by parents to their kids for good […]

Adverbs of degree

August 20, 2012


Sometimes, someone is better than most of us and visa versa. Here are some adverbs that emphasize the degree. To imagine the strength of  a particular word, I decided to rate each on a scale from 1 to 10, for 10 being the most intense. It depends on the context, that’s why you don’t have to follow the rate firmly. barely 1, […]

“Up for grabs”

August 19, 2012


~ Available for everyone, or everyone could win it. E: Free food and lemonade up for grabs, all you need is just sign the paper and vote. E: The limited edition of my book is up for grabs till this month. I advise you to hurry up.

Lend or borrow?

August 18, 2012


There is a little confusion between lend and borrow, all you should know is only to whom you lent or from whom you borrow. Lend: To give. If someone else or you own something, you lend it. Borrow: To receive. If you need something from someone, you borrow it. It’s as easy as a pie! E: I hate lending money […]

“Water-cooler conversation”

August 13, 2012


~ Water-cooler would be a complying gossip spot at your workplace. It follows that water-cooler conversation relates to gossip or just a chat about ordinary things. If two colleagues meet over there, it’s rather awkward not to talk with each other, if so, it would be sometimes constrained, as well. E: I’m not into water-cooler talk, people doesn’t interest me at all. […]

During or while?

August 10, 2012


Some of us are often confused by during and while, so let’s make it clear. As long as you remember a few of these points, you will find it as easy as pie! During – prep. is always used before a noun and you saying when an event happened. While – conj. is used when describing two […]

Strange idioms indicate cold weather

August 9, 2012


If you’d like to sound more sophisticated while describing a cold weather, you can use one of these idioms below. Cold as a frogs belly Cold as a witch’s tit It’s colder than blue blazes Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey It’s cold like your old sweater Cold as an ex-wife’s heart This is hog killing […]

“Eat humble pie”

August 8, 2012


~ Admitting to making a huge mistake in an apologetic manner. Imagine having a magic pie that after eating it, you become more modest and people will like you. E: Just because he is a Mensa member, he insists to be always right. he would never eat humble pie. E: My teacher had to eat humble pie after […]

“At all”

August 7, 2012


At all stresses negative statement. It means that you should (if you would like to speak very proper English) use all all describing negative formulation. W: Do you love me at all? W: Are you going with us at all? R: I had a birthday party yesterday. No one came at all. R: I think she doesn’t like my […]

Worthless vs. priceless

August 6, 2012


If you use worth or price, you give value to something. Both of these words have a very similar meaning, why putting “less” makes it the opposite? E: This rocking-chair for your mother is very pricey/priced fortune. I think she would rather appreciate some flowers.  E: She is so pretty, it’s worth saving money to buy her […]


August 5, 2012


~ Very strange and unearthly, something that leaves you rather negative impression. ~ Synonym/ weird, extraordinary, supernatural ~ Adjective The uncanny valley is a term in robotics and artificial intelligence. From the psychological field, evolved by Sigmund Freud /the uncanny fear of the unknown and unfamiliar.  In robotics it means familiar and foreign, at the same time. Therefore seeing […]

Infinite ways of saying something is “great”

August 1, 2012


Are you sometimes amazed how complex English vocabulary can be? There are many ways to praise or appreciate piece of works as books or films or a person. If you hear one of these words, you sure can be flattered. Terrific Excellent Outstanding Wonderful Dazzling Exquisite Distinctive Distinguished Original Stunning Amazing Mind-blowing Fantastic Startling Gorgeous Delightful Marvelous Magnificent Glorious Unique Illustrious […]