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Besides vs. except

October 29, 2012


Besides and except seems to have the same meaning at first, but there is a slight difference you should be aware of, just in case not to be an exception in your class.) + For besides you add something in addition. – For except you (minus) take something away. E: I’m not that picky, in fact I like all women […]

Are you hungry?

October 27, 2012


If you are not, you can take a look at these words and phrases that indicate hunger. After reading this post, you might feel like eating something. I am starving I am famished My stomach’s growling I could eat for three My belly is touching my back I’m ravenous I’m as hungry as beasts I’m so hungry […]


October 20, 2012


Smart people use “vacuous” to describe something that contains nothing but air, something not worth noticing and stupid. ~ Synonym/ dumb, dull, mindless, empty ~ Adjective E: Stop reading these vacuous books about vampires,  it’s useless for you. Find a boyfriend instead. Vacuous in the book /Love of Life and other stories, Jack London “To cook by […]

British and American W’s

October 19, 2012


The reason why British and American spelling went apart is due to a culture distinction between countries, and the aim of setting up a new language for the upcoming generation during the times of American colonization. The man behind some changes in American spelling was a lexicographer Noah Webster. He was responsible for dropping “u” in color and humor and “e” in theater and he changed […]

Book idioms

October 11, 2012


Bookworm Usually the smartest guy in your class (a nerd). Someone who likes reading and polishing his glasses more than partying. Hit the books When you hit the books, you realize that it’s time to stop watching TV and start studying harder. Crack a book Often use with a negative. In other words: to open […]


October 2, 2012


~ Old-fashioned way to describe someone extraordinary attractive. ~ Synonym/ dream man, dream woman, perfect (one). ~ Noun E: I have a serious crush on Obama; he is such a dreamboat. Dreamboat in article ( Jane Campion’s Bright Star went further: Ben Whishaw’s John Keats was the Romantic poet as dreamboat new man – great with kids, fond of […]