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Misleading words

February 22, 2013


Words which mean something else than you might think. bibble: the most favored and the most read book ever? No, it’s just a verb for keen and noisy drinkers. (Not only alcoholic ones.) winklepicker: sea animal hunter or miraculous wrinkle cream? No, it’s a style of shoes with a sharp and long pointed toe. avocation: […]

We can or we are able to?

February 7, 2013


Can express general ability. We use “can” to refer to the five senses such as to see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Words which describe thinking process: guess, understand, believe or decide are used with “can” or “could” as well. E: As long as we are young, we can do anything and having nothing to lose. E: […]

When and if

February 3, 2013


When to use “if” or “when”, if you are not sure? When is used in situation when something is certain and you know it will happen. E: I’ll tell my mother I won’t steal anymore, when I come back from the prison. use if, when you aren’t sure about something. E: If find a true love, I will give […]