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Any versus every

March 31, 2013


I’m there for you any time. But every time I come over, you are not there. Well, does it confuse you, too? every time – a regular action (routine or a habit) – I get nervous every time I lose a train ticket. any time – no matter when it happens (whenever) – I can […]

Linking words: Furthermore, moreover

March 27, 2013


In order to improve your fluency in writing or speaking, linking words comes handy. This time, we will be talking about furthermore and moreover, both are usually used in formal English unlike besides or except. furthermore – is more like “anyway” or “besides”, you intend to introduce a new point. E: He is smart, witty […]

Other ways of saying “angry”

March 14, 2013


There are so many words for describing someone’s anger that can really gets one’s goats! It ticks me off Don’t vex me It makes me angry It makes me furious You drive me mad It browns me off It really annoys me It’s driving me bonkers This bothers me I’m shirty I was wrathful It’s so […]

Words which seem like a nonsense

March 1, 2013


Following selection of words might seem like a typos orchestra, but in the fact, they made it into a dictionary. floccinaucinihilipilification: estimation that something is valueless. rastaquouere: a social climber. crwth: a “strange” musical instrument. syzygy: two related things, either alike or opposite. kakorrhaphiophobia: fear of failure. quockerwodger: a rare 19th century word for a […]