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Phrases of agreement

June 8, 2013


How to agree with someone? I hope you agree that “yes” isn’t the only option to do so! 1) If your friend asked you whether you’d like to join him or her on an adventurous trip to Amazonia, you can say… I agree O.K sure certainly of course aye fine I’m fine with it natch! yep […]

Unflattering weird words

June 6, 2013


In order not to make fools of ourselves, we should use words carefully. For some words, it doesn’t matter since nobody probably knows them.) anomia: unable to remember names agraphia: inability to write alexia: inability to read allantoid: shaped like a sausage amicicide: murder of a friend anodontia: toothless anthropophagous: eating humans boeotian: not very […]