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Book idioms

October 11, 2012


Bookworm Usually the smartest guy in your class (a nerd). Someone who likes reading and polishing his glasses more than partying. Hit the books When you hit the books, you realize that it’s time to stop watching TV and start studying harder. Crack a book Often use with a negative. In other words: to open […]

“Costs an arm and a leg”

September 22, 2012


~ Refers to something which is ridiculously expensive ~ Informal E: These Prada shoes cost me an arm and a leg, now I have no money to pay my rent. E: I’m disappointed nobody appreciated my diamond lamp and leopard carpet, both cost me an arm and a leg! I guess no one has a fine taste as I do.

“Up for grabs”

August 19, 2012


~ Available for everyone, or everyone could win it. E: Free food and lemonade up for grabs, all you need is just sign the paper and vote. E: The limited edition of my book is up for grabs till this month. I advise you to hurry up.

Strange idioms indicate cold weather

August 9, 2012


If you’d like to sound more sophisticated while describing a cold weather, you can use one of these idioms below. Cold as a frogs belly Cold as a witch’s tit It’s colder than blue blazes Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey It’s cold like your old sweater Cold as an ex-wife’s heart This is hog killing […]

“Eat humble pie”

August 8, 2012


~ Admitting to making a huge mistake in an apologetic manner. Imagine having a magic pie that after eating it, you become more modest and people will like you. E: Just because he is a Mensa member, he insists to be always right. he would never eat humble pie. E: My teacher had to eat humble pie after […]

“Beat around the bush”

July 27, 2012


~ Not knowing how to get to the main point or inability to put something into right words or sentence. X: Hi, what are you up to tonight? Y: I don’t know yet, why are you asking? X: Eh, I’m just wondering, you look nice today and busy too. Y: Come on, don’t beat around the bush. You want me to go on a date […]

The last words before being fired – Jobs Idioms

July 25, 2012


What can you hear at work before getting fired? Here are some idioms saying they don’t want you to work anymore. Be well prepared! To get sacked E: Everyone gets sacked one day, it’s just a matter of time. To get the boot E: Where have you been all day? I think you got the boot […]

“The last straw”

July 13, 2012


~ If you have problems and think it could not be worse, there is always the last straw. (The final problem in many of problems.) E: My life was getting worse every day. I got divorced, my cat left me as well, it died. And the last straw of it was my hair loss. E: This is the […]

Idioms in color

July 9, 2012


Tickle someone pink – To be entertained or pleased E: Tom and Jennifer had a great wedding last year, not to mention that Jennifer’s make-up tickled us pink. A pink slip – A letter you receive when you get fired E: My KFC manager threatened to give me a pink slip if i didn’t work faster, so I worked as fast as I could. Pink collar jobs – Jobs […]

“Crack (someone) Up”

July 6, 2012


~ Make someone laugh out loud (LOL), in other words crack someone’s poker face with humorous impuls. E: The Big Bang Theory is the best TV show out there, Sheldon cracks me up all the time, even while he is eating. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I can’t sleep. E: I’m a happy person in the cruel […]

“All the rage”

July 3, 2012


~ Something what is very popular and fashionable at the moment. X: Putting together sandals and socks are faux pas! Y: Don’t think so, they are all the rage this season. I’ve seen them in the latest Luis Vuitton Men’s collection. X: Well, you are right, in fact, I rather like it.