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Space or room?

March 8, 2014


What is space and what is room? Should we say enough space or enough room? Let‘s find out. The word space could be used figuratively. We can also think of it as a boundless area, an entity that surrounds us. It has no limits and it‘s everything. Space is made of matter, dark matter and dark […]

A few and few…Phew!

February 23, 2014


Think of buying some food. If you fell short of a change, it would be helpful if someone lent you a few pennies, so you didn’t have to use the cash machine, but if you are going to do a shopping for weekend, few pennies won’t be enough. Get it? A few – not much, […]

Any versus every

March 31, 2013


I’m there for you any time. But every time I come over, you are not there. Well, does it confuse you, too? every time – a regular action (routine or a habit) – I get nervous every time I lose a train ticket. any time – no matter when it happens (whenever) – I can […]

We can or we are able to?

February 7, 2013


Can express general ability. We use “can” to refer to the five senses such as to see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Words which describe thinking process: guess, understand, believe or decide are used with “can” or “could” as well. E: As long as we are young, we can do anything and having nothing to lose. E: […]

When and if

February 3, 2013


When to use “if” or “when”, if you are not sure? When is used in situation when something is certain and you know it will happen. E: I’ll tell my mother I won’t steal anymore, when I come back from the prison. use if, when you aren’t sure about something. E: If find a true love, I will give […]

Exhaustive ways of saying you’re “tired”

September 18, 2012


I’m beat I’m dog-tired I’m horse-tired I’m exhausted I’m done I’m beat tired I’m tired out I’m rundown I’m weary I’m fighting to stay awake I’m worn out I’m done like toast I need to turn in I’m petered out I’m spent I’m washed-out I’m tuckered out I’m done in, I can’t take it anymore […]

Salary/wage/income and pocket money

August 22, 2012


Are you employed? Do you get a salary or a wage? Salary / a fixed payment for your hard work, usually paid per month. Wage / a more irregular payment, paid for hours worked on a daily or weekly basis. Income / regularly received money through financial investments, business or entrepreneurship. Pocket money / usually paid by parents to their kids for good […]

During or while?

August 10, 2012


Some of us are often confused by during and while, so let’s make it clear. As long as you remember a few of these points, you will find it as easy as pie! During – prep. is always used before a noun and you saying when an event happened. While – conj. is used when describing two […]

Worthless vs. priceless

August 6, 2012


If you use worth or price, you give value to something. Both of these words have a very similar meaning, why putting “less” makes it the opposite? E: This rocking-chair for your mother is very pricey/priced fortune. I think she would rather appreciate some flowers.  E: She is so pretty, it’s worth saving money to buy her […]

Infinite ways of saying something is “great”

August 1, 2012


Are you sometimes amazed how complex English vocabulary can be? There are many ways to praise or appreciate piece of works as books or films or a person. If you hear one of these words, you sure can be flattered. Terrific Excellent Outstanding Wonderful Dazzling Exquisite Distinctive Distinguished Original Stunning Amazing Mind-blowing Fantastic Startling Gorgeous Delightful Marvelous Magnificent Glorious Unique Illustrious […]

May or Might?

July 22, 2012


May and might have almost the same meaning. To distinguish these two words is rather tricky.  It doesn’t mean you can’t try! In the first example, may refers to a permission and it’s practically identical to verb can. Can is used for less formal situation. (E: Mommy, can I drink Coke?) E: Sir, may I open the window? I can’t breath […]

Differences between Yea,Yeah and Yay

July 21, 2012


~ Yea old-fashioned way to saying yes, the opposite of nay ~Yeah is informal and sloppy version of yes ~Yay (!) is interjection of hooray. Yay is often pair off with exclamation mark, the opposite of boo. 1) My mighty ax is sharp, yea, ten bear heads will it remove! 2) Wanna another cake? yeah, I’d love to, your cakes […]

Idioms in color

July 9, 2012


Tickle someone pink – To be entertained or pleased E: Tom and Jennifer had a great wedding last year, not to mention that Jennifer’s make-up tickled us pink. A pink slip – A letter you receive when you get fired E: My KFC manager threatened to give me a pink slip if i didn’t work faster, so I worked as fast as I could. Pink collar jobs – Jobs […]


June 28, 2012


History of the word “nerd” might be dated to beginning of the 50s. Word “nerd” appeared in children’s book If I Ran the Zoo by Theodor Seuss Geisel (a popular American writer and cartoonist). The word indicated a quite different meaning as we know today and it was used as a synonym for someone who was a “drip” or a “square”. Other known theory […]