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Peculiar origin of words

June 24, 2014


TRAGEDY –  it’s still not clear why tragedy means “goat song” in Greek. One theory suggests that goats used to serve as a prize or a sacrifice for the plays; which makes me wonder, what does goat song sound like? Probably very sadly, at least for all those goats. GOVERNMENT – there is a sinister mood lying in this word. The word is derived from Greek words […]

Phrases of agreement

June 8, 2013


How to agree with someone? I hope you agree that “yes” isn’t the only option to do so! 1) If your friend asked you whether you’d like to join him or her on an adventurous trip to Amazonia, you can say… I agree O.K sure certainly of course aye fine I’m fine with it natch! yep […]

Other ways of saying “angry”

March 14, 2013


There are so many words for describing someone’s anger that can really gets one’s goats! It ticks me off Don’t vex me It makes me angry It makes me furious You drive me mad It browns me off It really annoys me It’s driving me bonkers This bothers me I’m shirty I was wrathful It’s so […]

How much?

December 14, 2012


Isn’t using “much” enough for you? I’m glad to inform you that English has many words (which describes large amounts) in store! E: It’s a hell of lot of bullets. Noun: a lot of lots of slew plenty mass sum tons hatful heap pile loads mountain pyramid pot dozens oodles (most of these words are […]

Are you hungry?

October 27, 2012


If you are not, you can take a look at these words and phrases that indicate hunger. After reading this post, you might feel like eating something. I am starving I am famished My stomach’s growling I could eat for three My belly is touching my back I’m ravenous I’m as hungry as beasts I’m so hungry […]

Easy phrases of easieness

September 24, 2012


As easy as pie E: Baking an apple pie is as easy as pie. As easy as ABC E: Alphabet is as easy as ABC As easy as day E: Everything is as easy as day, if you are bright. As easy as winking E: Why don’t you ever smile? It’s free and as easy as winking. […]

Exhaustive ways of saying you’re “tired”

September 18, 2012


I’m beat I’m dog-tired I’m horse-tired I’m exhausted I’m done I’m beat tired I’m tired out I’m rundown I’m weary I’m fighting to stay awake I’m worn out I’m done like toast I need to turn in I’m petered out I’m spent I’m washed-out I’m tuckered out I’m done in, I can’t take it anymore […]

Infinite ways of saying something is “great”

August 1, 2012


Are you sometimes amazed how complex English vocabulary can be? There are many ways to praise or appreciate piece of works as books or films or a person. If you hear one of these words, you sure can be flattered. Terrific Excellent Outstanding Wonderful Dazzling Exquisite Distinctive Distinguished Original Stunning Amazing Mind-blowing Fantastic Startling Gorgeous Delightful Marvelous Magnificent Glorious Unique Illustrious […]

How to say “Sad” in different ways

June 28, 2012


I feel blue I feel so down I feel very bad I’m not all right I feel depressed I’m out of sorts today I feel pathetic I don’t feel well I’m down to the dumps I hate my life I feel gloomy I’m under a cloud I have the blues I’m worried sick about everything I […]