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I don’t know him from Adam

November 11, 2012


~ Not know someone from Adam means having no idea who the certain person is. The idiom is usually used to refer masculine gender. E: Where am I and who is it? I don’t know him from Adam. He is your elder son and you are in the hospital right now. E: Have you ever […]

“Come to terms with something”

September 11, 2012


~ To accept a difficult and unpleasant situation in your life E: Joshua had to come to terms with the fact he did not get the Xbox he wanted so bad. E: It’s hard for me to come to terms that I’m not clever and handsome enough to become a date adviser.

“Eat humble pie”

August 8, 2012


~ Admitting to making a huge mistake in an apologetic manner. Imagine having a magic pie that after eating it, you become more modest and people will like you. E: Just because he is a Mensa member, he insists to be always right. he would never eat humble pie. E: My teacher had to eat humble pie after […]

“Butter someone up”

July 31, 2012


~butter someone up to be nice to someone because you need a favor from him. E: Since I’ve become famous and started earning a hell of a money, people buttering me up all the time. E: I thought he was genuinely interested in me, but he just buttered me up to sell a gym membership.

“Beat around the bush”

July 27, 2012


~ Not knowing how to get to the main point or inability to put something into right words or sentence. X: Hi, what are you up to tonight? Y: I don’t know yet, why are you asking? X: Eh, I’m just wondering, you look nice today and busy too. Y: Come on, don’t beat around the bush. You want me to go on a date […]

“Sure of one’s ground”

July 19, 2012


~ Firmly believe to be right or know something E: He is sure of his ground that it’s his birthday today. For some reason, everyone thinks it’s tomorrow. E: If you are sure of your ground that all women like you, why are you still single at your 40?

“Jack of all trades”

July 10, 2012


~ All-rounded person, capable of doing different kinds of activities. Good at everything, master of none. E: At night he is a taxi-driver. During the day he paints auto-portraits and not that long ago, he started writing a novel about a lonely taxi-driver who loves his job, but It does’t make him happy. Anyway, he seems like a jack of […]

“Crack (someone) Up”

July 6, 2012


~ Make someone laugh out loud (LOL), in other words crack someone’s poker face with humorous impuls. E: The Big Bang Theory is the best TV show out there, Sheldon cracks me up all the time, even while he is eating. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I can’t sleep. E: I’m a happy person in the cruel […]

“Moon over”

July 1, 2012


~ Dreamers staying up thinking about something or someone ~Adjective/ moony/ dreamy in the naive way ~Noun/ mooniness E: Freddy, the old prisoner was mooning night long over freedom, fresh air and going to work. E: Stop mooning over and go to school, you gonna be late! And don’t forget to dress up.

Idiom for today “Cut in”

June 29, 2012


~ Cut in ~ Interrupt someone You know, you are having conversation with someone, who is, well, talkative in the negative point of view. She or he is utterly convinced to have more interesting life and opinions than you have. E: Damn you! Don’t cut in while I’m talking. + Cut in is not used with […]