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Peculiar origin of words

June 24, 2014


TRAGEDY –  it’s still not clear why tragedy means “goat song” in Greek. One theory suggests that goats used to serve as a prize or a sacrifice for the plays; which makes me wonder, what does goat song sound like? Probably very sadly, at least for all those goats. GOVERNMENT – there is a sinister mood lying in this word. The word is derived from Greek words […]

Nonsensically funny words

May 3, 2014


What do these words have in common? Well, they look like nonsense and they mean a nonsense. English indeed is quite a playful language. How about you? Do you speak double Dutch? blatherskite hokum hogwash hooey poppycock balderdash codswallop flibbertigibbet gobbledygook kerfuffle jabberwocky schmegegge tarradiddle tommyrot twaddle gibberish cobblers phooey crock codswallop fiddle-faddle piffle balooney tosh […]

Unflattering weird words

June 6, 2013


In order not to make fools of ourselves, we should use words carefully. For some words, it doesn’t matter since nobody probably knows them.) anomia: unable to remember names agraphia: inability to write alexia: inability to read allantoid: shaped like a sausage amicicide: murder of a friend anodontia: toothless anthropophagous: eating humans boeotian: not very […]

Words which seem like a nonsense

March 1, 2013


Following selection of words might seem like a typos orchestra, but in the fact, they made it into a dictionary. floccinaucinihilipilification: estimation that something is valueless. rastaquouere: a social climber. crwth: a “strange” musical instrument. syzygy: two related things, either alike or opposite. kakorrhaphiophobia: fear of failure. quockerwodger: a rare 19th century word for a […]

Misleading words

February 22, 2013


Words which mean something else than you might think. bibble: the most favored and the most read book ever? No, it’s just a verb for keen and noisy drinkers. (Not only alcoholic ones.) winklepicker: sea animal hunter or miraculous wrinkle cream? No, it’s a style of shoes with a sharp and long pointed toe. avocation: […]